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While a roof is one of the biggest – and priciest –  investments on your home, it is still subject to bugs and repairs throughout its lifespan. Yes, poorly maintained roofs can come with their own headaches, but if you have the help of a reliable roofing service provider, you should be in good hands. 

Port Orchard Roofing has been operating in the area since 2007, and in this time we’ve been able to identify the most common roofing problems Port Orchard homeowners have with their roofs. Here they are:


Granules on the ground

Sometimes you don’t even need to look up to identify a roofing problem. This is indeed the case in instances where the roof is installed using standard asphalt shingles. As they are composed of granules, these can begin to shed with age. Homeowners should start to get concerned when big amounts of these granules reach the ground after rains. It is usually a sign for major repairs or a roof replacement.



No one enjoys that moment when they first discover a roof leak. You might stumble upon it by hearing an annoying drip, or worse, blisters on the interior walls of your home, caused by the seeping moisture. 

Leaks can occur in the event of poor installation, where small gaps are left, allowing water to seep through. However, they can occur even after a perfect installation. Unfortunately this is a consequence of an aging roof, that’s why it’s best to regularly maintain your roof. 


Poor ventilation

The blistering that develops on the home’s inside walls is as much a result of moisture as it is of poor ventilation. If a roof is not adequately ventilated, warm, humid air is allowed into the home and that warm air combined with the moisture is what causes those paint blisters. This is one of the important factors to be taken into account by your roofing service provider when installing the roof or during any consultation. 

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