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Are you a homeowner in Gig Harbor who is interested in having a roof replacement on your residence? Is now the right time to take the plunge? Ensuring that your roofing is sturdy and can protect you from the weather is an important part of owning a home. But what are the most common reasons that Gig Harbor residents choose to have their roofing replaced?

Below, we’ll dive into several reasons why Gig Harbor residents choose to replace their roofing and more information about Port Orchard Roofing.


roof replacement reasons, when to replace a roof

When to Replace a Roof in Gig Harbor: 3 Reasons

Roof Replacement Reason 1: Old & Worn Down Roofing

Residents in Gig Harbor may replace their roofing because it is old and deteriorating. Many factors can lead to the deterioration of your roofing including harsh weather, general wear and tear, or lack of maintenance. Asphalt roofing will last around 25 years in Port Orchard. If your roofing is getting old, you may start noticing recurring issues like mold and mildew, rust, irregular temperatures, pest infestations, leaks, water pooling, and broken, warped, or missing shingles. 

Roof Replacement Reason 2: Poor Ventilation & Energy Efficiency 

Another reason that Gig Harbor residents have roof replacements is because their current roof has poor ventilation and low energy efficiency. In recent years, homeowners in Gig Harbor have become increasingly interested in choosing roofing materials that are energy efficient. A damaged roof or a roof with inadequate ventilation could cause your monthly energy bills to skyrocket. Swapping your roofing for a material that is cool and reflective will help lower your monthly electric bills and reduce the absorption of heat. 

Roof Replacement Reason 3: Poor Workmanship

Previous poor workmanship is also a reason that Gig Harbor residents choose to have their roofing replaced. Sub-par workmanship can cause a lot of issues down the line for your roofing. Low-quality craftsmanship can range from poorly installed flashing and improper ventilation to incorrectly performed repairs and unaligned shingles. You could be experiencing a leaking roof, structural damage, an uneven roof, or moisture build-up.

Hiring a local company will help ensure that you will be provided with durable and tailored roofing and home improvement solutions that will stand the test of time and keep you and your home safe. 


roof replacement reasons

Port Orchard Roofing: Serving the Gig Harbor Community 

If you have any questions about the best time to have your roof replaced, we are here to help!

Port Orchard Roofing is committed to serving residents in Gig Harbor and the surrounding community with high-quality workmanship, thoughtful and thorough customer service, and reliable and personalized roofing solutions. We strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and to give each roofing project the attention to detail that it deserves.

Our roofing team is highly skilled and ready to help you fortify your residence against the climate and boost your home’s curb appeal. Call us today to learn more about replacing your roof and the variety of other roofing services that we provide!



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