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Many people look forward to putting their winter gear away and embracing the warmer temperatures of springtime. What many people don’t look forward to is potential roof damage caused during the cold icy winter months. What should a homeowner look for when doing a spring inspection, and what are some fixes for those problem areas? 

Damaged Shingles

Shingles can warp and split due to cold temperatures, especially on the edges of a roof. It can be hard to see the damage when a roof is covered in snow and ice. As soon as the temperatures warm up, have an annual inspection on your roof to learn if there are any curled, bent, or damaged shingles. Many times, it is wise to call a roofing professional in Port Orchard since they have a trained eye and can diagnose potential complications. 

spring roof problems repair in Port Orchard

Clogged Gutters

Believe it or not, the gutter system plays a vital role in a healthy roof. Be sure to inspect the condition of the gutters when you look at the roof. If there is any debris buildup in the gutter system, this is a perfect time to clean them out and make sure water flows freely. The spring rains will be on the rooftops soon, and there needs to be a place for all of that water to flow to. 

If you don’t have gutters guards, perhaps it is wise to consider investing in some. Gutter guards are a mesh or screen used to keep large substances out of the gutter system. Small debris and particles can still filter through, but no more pine needles, nests, or piles of leaves. 

Damage from Trapped Moisture

Were you able to do a fall inspection in preparation for winter? Many times, we forget about that one! There may be a pile of old leaves and pine needles nestled in a corner holding in moisture. That is a sign there could be potential damage underneath. The moisture along with added rainstorms may not allow this area of a roof to fully dry out. Make sure to remove the wet, damp areas before the critters find it for a lovely home area, or mold or mildew is formed underneath.

spring roof damage repair in Port Orchard

Nearby Trees

One may not realize the importance of reviewing the stature of a nearby tree when discussing common springtime roofing problems. However, as those trees grow, the branches and limbs can reach out over a home and during a strong summer storm, break off and cause damage to the roof. By taking some time in the spring, and trimming back trees, the chances of broken limbs falling on a roof are minimized.  

If you have concerns about proper tree trimming, be sure to call a professional who can assist with this project. 

Animals Present

Those little critters are adorable in nature, but certainly not when they raise their families in or on a roof! Many small animals come out of hibernation in the spring and are ready for food and creating nests. Look out for evidence of squirrels, mice, ants, raccoons, or birds making their little home on your home. 

Be sure to consider the above items when it comes to the condition of your roof. Place your trust in Port Orchard Roofing in Port Orchard with any questions or concerns you may have with your findings. We are a team of extremely knowledgeable professionals who understand the best techniques for inspecting and caring for your roof. We are here to help keep your roof in the best shape possible to last a lifetime. Call us today for a free inspection! 


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