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Most people only think of winter weather and severe storms when they consider the way the elements impact their roofs.  Unfortunately, Port Orchard summers present an array of potential roofing problems all on their own that often go overlooked because residents think they’re out of the woods having survived the winter and spring weather.

Heat Damage

While Port Orchard isn’t necessarily known for its extreme heat, it doesn’t take extreme temperatures to damage a roof.  Asphalt shingle roofing, which is a popular choice for Port Orchard residents, lends itself well to the cold and wet fall, winter, and spring weather common to the area, but is susceptible to damage from heat and sunlight.  Dark shingles typically heat up 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit above the ambient temperature.  This means that, while the summers in Port Orchard are short and mild compared to the rest of the country, they can still cause damage to your asphalt shingle roofs.  Some of the common signs of heat damage to your roof are:

roof discoloration due to heat damage

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  • Cracked Shingles
  • Discoloration
  • Shrinking
  • Blistering
  • Rotting

Microbial Growth

More common to Port Orchard roofs than heat damage in the summer is microbial growth.  The excessive precipitation and moisture throughout the year in the Pacific Northwest followed by the warm temperatures in the summer months coupled with the lush vegetation of the area can lead to algae and moss growth on roofs.  Algae and moss overgrowth can cause extreme damage to your roof if left unchecked, damaging shingles and other roofing materials and even causing structural damage if left alone long enough.  Microbial growth should be professionally cleaned as improper cleaning can lead to even more damage to the roof.

Malfunctioning Gutters

Coming out of the sometimes extreme winters common to the area, the gutters on your Port Orchard home may not be functioning optimally.  The damage done to your gutters by freezing weather and other harsh conditions may not be immediately noticeable until the summer months come around and your realize that your gutters are bent, broken, or leaking.  Gutters are extremely important to the health of your roof, rerouting water away from the roof and home to prevent leaks and water damage.  Damaged gutters often lead to damage roofs, so they should be repaired or replaced as soon as issues are identified – summertime is the perfect time for this!

pests on roof

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The summer months in Port Orchard are a time for flourishing life.  All types of creatures will be looking for new homes, and many of them will decide that your roof is the perfect place to plant their roots.  Larger animals like birds, cats, and squirrels will nest in your gutters, vents, and chimney spaces while smaller creatures like insects and mice will find your attic space and the crevices within your roof’s structure the ideal breeding grounds.  Pests making their home in your roof will inevitably compromise the structure leading to leaks and other damage, not to mention the need to remove the pests themselves.  If you find that your home has been invaded by any kind of pest, call the proper pest control service as well as your local roofing professional to inspect the roof for any signs of damage.

Summer in Port Orchard comes with its own dangers for your roof and is the perfect time to make sure your roof is in excellent condition to prepare for the often harsh and wet winters in the area.  Port Orchard Roofing is your local, trusted roofing company specializing in summer roofing problems as well as all of your other roofing needs.  Call us today for a free estimate for your Port Orchard roof!


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