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There are many advantages to improving your property and home. Pinterest is filled with exciting ideas for enhancing your home. The ambitious DIY’er can create weekend projects such as making stylish outdoor seating from pallets, building children’s nightstands, or creating a wooden wall treatment behind a master bed. Other ideas may include installing crown molding, cleaning the fireplace, or installing new bathroom tile. Ideas can range from simplistic to complex.

Some home improvement projects should not be attempted by the average homeowner. These may include updating electrical, plumbing, or gas appliances. There is something to be said for hiring and trusting professionals to do a job right and safely the first time.   

Installing a new roof is a project that a professional team of experienced roofers should take care of instead of the do-it-yourself, weekend warrior. 

Newly installed metal roof on a residential roofing in Port Orchard

What are the benefits of replacing your roof in 2023? Here are five key points. 

Saving Money

Yes, it does cost a substantial amount to install a new roof, however, the monthly energy savings can quickly add up. A properly installed roof can prevent warm air from escaping in the winter, and keep the cool air inside during the heat of summer. By ensuring the roof serves its purpose as a barrier to the weather elements, the heating and cooling system in the home will run less. 


A strong solid roof can protect the family and possessions from falling debris, trees, and strong winds. When a roof has been previously damaged, it can’t support the outdoor elements as well as it should. Therefore, the integrity of the roof is compromised. As a roof ages, its strength can be diminished causing areas to become weak. Make sure you have a solid strong roof protecting your family. 

Increased Home Value

By installing a new roof, the value of your home and curb appeal greatly increases. The return on investment is often near 68% of the cost of the roofing project. These are things to consider, especially if you are thinking of moving in 2023. When a potential buyer enters the driveway and takes a first glance at the home, the roof is one of the most important items they look at. If it is tattered, broken, and messy, the homeowner has created a judgment and many times has already decided this home may not be for them. A fresh, strong, solid roof is an enticing invitation to the potential buyer. 

Insurance Savings

Give a call to your insurance agent and chat about the savings in premiums available with a newer roof. Many times policies are no longer valid if the roof is more than 20 years old. It is wise to protect your family and make sure you fully understand your particular policy. (Learn more about Roofing Insurance)

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Manufacturers have greatly increased the benefits of their products as the years have passed. Due to this, companies can offer incredible warranties on workmanship, and the products purchased. Be sure to discuss with your local roofing contractor the warranty on your roof. 

2023 can be the year for upgrades and improvements to your home. Make sure to contact Port Orchard Roofing Port Orchard to discuss the many options available for upgrading your roofing system. We have been serving the local community since 2007, never compromising on quality materials and workmanship. We assure you the roofing job is done well, and the warranty on our products is phenomenal. Our ratings from satisfied customers are a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars. We fully stand behind what we service. Hire a team of experts you can trust! Port Orchard Roofing!  


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