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Springtime is upon us and the freshness of a new season is exciting! There is probably a huge list of to-do items to begin reviewing and working toward marking as “complete”. Such items could include putting away and storing the winter snow equipment, making sure the cooling system is prepared for the upcoming warmth, and inspecting the roof for any damage that could have occurred over the winter. 

roof inspection using a drone.

While heading up on the roof to check on the condition could be smart, unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know just what to look for. It is best to place the main yearly inspections with a trusted roofing professional. Port Orchard Roofing in Port Orchard is available to help with all inspections to make sure the roof is working in tip-top shape.  We have been working in the area since 2007, providing quality roofing services, never compromising on quality and workmanship. You are in good hands with Port Orchard Roofing! 

What are some things we look for when doing an inspection? 

  • Missing shingles
  • Plants or moss growth
  • Leaks or cracks in the roof
  • Curling or buckling shingles
  • Granules in gutters
  • Sagging roofs

Here are four reasons to have your roof professionally inspected on a regular basis.

Stop the Damage Before it Starts

A leaking roof is evidence of damage and areas to be repaired. However, by the time it is noted, severe damage can already be done. A regular roof inspection by professionals can foresee areas of problems and can address the situation before it becomes an emergency. Small issues are much easier to address than major overhauls. 

Leak Assessment

damage roof, leaking

Once again, a roof inspection can detect not only areas of leakage but also rotting wood, mold, corrosion, or wet insulation. Each of these situations is tragic to the health of your roof. It is usually easiest to detect such complications after a major storm, and the roof is saturated. But this is a risky path. As stated before, when we notice leaks, there could be more damage to contend with. Keeping an eye on problem areas can make sealing them up less expensive. 

Storm Damage Repair

Strong storms, hail, and high winds are rough on the surface of a home. Flimsy shingles can be jarred loose, corners of asphalt can bend upwards, and granules can be loosened and exposing bare spots on the shingles. For a metal roof, a nearby branch overhanging the house can create scratches, dents, and marks. We can help to seal up those areas with storm damage and prepare for the upcoming storm season. 

An Aging Roof

Each type of roofing system has a lifespan. Is your roof near the end of its usefulness? When roofs near the end, more damages begin to appear simply because the roof can’t withstand the weather events. Keeping an eye on the age and condition of your roof and repairing or replacing it when needed will benefit the integrity of the overall home. 

Place your trust in a top-notch roofing contractor! Port Orchard is driven to provide exceptional service and phenomenal craftsmanship with every job we do. Inspections included! We are thorough and make sure to explain every detail or damaged area we find. Place your trust in Port Orchard roofing, and have your roof inspected this spring. 

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