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Wicked Storm Sweeps In

Over 120 000 homes were stuck in the dark for nearly 24 hours when the season’s first wind storm made its way through Pierce County, WA. The storm is responsible for the destruction of several powerlines, trees as well as the death of a local resident.

The man believed to be in his 30s was fatally struck by a falling tree while attempting to clean away debris blown in by the storm. Investigators from the Key Peninsula Fire & Rescue called it a “terrible accident”.

The fierce winds swept through the area causing havoc and destruction. In northwest Seattle, the winds reached such speeds that it uprooted a 200-year-old tree, destroying a nearby parked car as well as the concrete surrounding it.


Lightning Strikes

It is believed that winds reached a maximum of 110 mph in some areas. A ferry was struck by lightning and a couple of days later a plane was struck again while being 18,000 feet in the air. No damage or fatalities were reported.

On Federal Way, a tree was set alight by lightning and the public was warned once again to not seek cover under trees during lightning. When trees, soaked by heavy rains, are hit by lightning, the lightning causes the water to boil which leads the tree to expand and eventually explode. A tree also interrupted traffic on the SR-520.


High Wind Warnings

High wind warnings were issued across the Pierce County area, especially along highways and main roads. The public warned to take precaution when travelling as vehicles were at risk of being toppled and rolling on the large stretches of road.

Storms and severe weather conditions have been reported across the country as the cold weather sets in. Many cities are just recovering from state-wide wildfires and droughts. In Florida and the New England area, hurricanes and Derechos have wreaked havoc, leaving many families displaced. Affected residents who are in need of roofing services in Peirce County, WA can give Port Orchard Roofing LLP a call.

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